ADR Courses Now With On Line Exams

Results given at the end of the course

ADR Certificates received within two weeks!

Courses are run at Ellesmere Port and Nationwide on request


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Our ADR courses are run on a monthly basis, with at least one course run at Ellesmere Port every month. 

The courses have a 5 day duration for drivers who are taking the Tanker Module and 3.5 days for drivers only taking the Package Module. The 5 day course can provide up to 28 hours of Driver CPC and the 3.5 day course can provide up to 21 hours of Driver CPC, if it is required. 

As with all of our courses; we provide ADR in an understandable way that has provided us with a very high pass rate and candidate feedback score. 

In addition to the standard ADR Course we can also provide Specialist Classes 1 & 7 (Explosive and Radioactive). 


Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser 

We offer both DGSA Training and a DGSA Consultancy Service. 

Our DGSA Training Courses are run the week prior to the DGSA examinations, which are run four times a year. The course spends one, intensive, week navigating the ADR & CDG regulations. We also have progressively more difficult mock tests and exercises. We also offer a free of charge day before the exams recap course. We are very pleased that the methods we use for the DGSA Exams have provided us with a pass rate that is well above the national average.

Our DGSA Consultancy Service is provided by several qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers employed by Altrain ADR. The service includes an initial site visit as well as additional visits to insure that clients are complying with regulations. This includes generating an annual DGSA Report.

In order to assist with compliance we also provide clients with a free of charge Management of Dangerous Goods Training Course. 

Driver CPC

As well as providing Driver CPC on our ADR & PDP Courses we also provide Driver CPC Courses. We have a wide range of Driver CPC courses, which are run at Ellesmere Port on a monthly basis. Drivers can attend for a single day or for the whole week if necessary.

We also run Driver CPC Course on site nationally as and when required. 

Petroleum Driver Passport - PDP

The Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) is not a legally required qualification, it is; however, an industry requirement. Drivers will need to complete a classroom session and exam and then within four months of this must undertake a practical assessment. 

This practical assessment can prove to be a problem for individuals taking the PDP as you need to be operating and driving a petroleum tanker to be assessed. 

As our PDP examinations are run on line and provide instant results at the end of the course, we can issue drivers with confirmation of passing the (25W) classroom element; which can be shown to potential employers.

First Aid at Work

Our 3 day First Aid at Work Courses are run once a month at Ellesmere Port. The course can provide the full First Aid at Work Qualification, Emergency Aid or First Aid Refresher Training. 


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