The Petroleum Driver Passport is an industry requirement that confirms that Drivers have achieved the required high standard necessary to be a Petroleum Tanker Driver. 

We run PDP Classroom course once a month and PDP Practical Assessments when required. 

In order to obtain a PD Passport drivers must undertake a classroom course and pass an exam. Drivers must then, within four months, undertake a practical assessment of driving, loading and unloading a Petroleum Tanker. This makes it very difficult for individual drivers to achieve a PDP as the practical assessment requires a driver to actually be working in the Petroleum industry. 

For individual drivers, we can provide a certificate confirming that they have passed the PDP, which may be shown to potential employers; this will be valid for four months. By this time the driver must have undertaken, and passed, the practical assessment of the PDP. 

Our PDP Exams are run on line and provides results immediately, so we can provide the certificate at the end of the course.

Once a PDP has been awarded it has an expiry period of five years; however, each year within four months of the expiry date and month (not the year), the driver must refresh the training in order to keep the PDP valid. If this period is exceeded then the PDP will be invalidated and a revalidation must be undertaken. 

To refresh or revalidate the PDP drivers must undertake the classroom element - without taking an exam - and undertake an annual practical assessment.