Since September 2009 all new drivers, with certain exemptions, driving goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (2008 PCV drivers of vehicles with more than 8 seats) must have a driver qualification card (DQC).


Exisiting drivers who held LGV / PCV licences prior to these dates or passed their car driving test prior to 1997 were given acquired rights. This effectively gave these drivers grandfather rights until September 2014. By this time, however, these drivers must have obtained a DQC by attending authorised periodic training courses.


Each course must be of 7 hour durations and drivers must achieve 35 hours (5 x 7 hours courses) in order to achieve the DQC. All 5 courses can be conducted in a single week. 


Periodic training courses can cover a variety of subjects and there are no rules governing which subjects a driver must undertake, for example a driver could take the same course for five days in a row. Obviously we would not advise this, which is why we offer a wide variety of subjects and run courses on a very frequent basis.


We can provide 28 hours of driver cpc during our ADR initial course and then offer discounted rates for the remaining 14 hours to the candidates from the ADR courses.



Driver CPC Courses are run on a monthly basis. Each course is one week long, providing all 35 hours.

Drivers can attend for the whole week or just for single days.

Our range of courses include:

  • Drivers Hours
  • Tachograph
  • Health & Safety
  • Diet & Lifestyle
  • Company Image
  • Eco Driving
  • Emergency Aid
  • Fire Marshal
  • Security
  • Weights and Dimensions
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Vulnerable Road Users

Driver CPC Hours may also be added to the courses below:

  • PDP  -                 7 Hours
  • ADR Initial -        28 Hours
  • ADR Refresher - 14 Hours
  • Class 1 & 7 -       7 Hours

Courses are run at Ellesmere Port and we can run courses at clients premises, nationwide

Drivers who completed their 35 hours by 2014 must complete a further 35 hours by September 2019



Time Left to complete 35 Hours